The African Wanderlusts

Website Design

Re-designed the website of a tour company that curates tours all around East Africa.

"The African Wanderlusts is a traveller's blog and tour curator for all those who thirst for adventure in beautiful places."

The African Wanderlusts started out as a traveler’s blog and had been running as a travel blog for about two years and the owner decided it was time for her to move into more business. Initially you would visit the website to see posts from other travellers sharing their travel experience to different places across Africa. After traveling to several places in Africa, Europe and Asia the founder thought that it is time to revamp the site in order to provide curated and customized tour packages.

Discovery & Design

The site targets young people who are middle income earners who would like to take a vacation or plan a trip. During the design process we sketched a simpler UI design and tested with a few people to see whether or not they can achieve the goal of finding tours and their details.

One of the key insight was to allow users to request/create custom trips. To solve this we designed a form that users could fill in their request for a custom trip. We then included a link to the form as a call to action (CTA) in various parts of the site.

After testing the low fidelity designs were updated to reflect the findings that we came up.

The iterated design was simple and easy to navigate and could provide a user the information they might need within seconds of being on the site. The original blog was maintained as it continues to provide travel stories and tips from travelers.

The wireframe for the home page
The wireframe for the custom trip form
The high fidelity design of the landing page

We also created simple visual graphics that were inspired by different kinds of destinations for the promotion of the website.