Tips for choosing website photos for your fashion business

If you have a website or planning to have a website for your fashion business then you have to be very keen when selecting images for your website. This is because a lot of human learning is visual and hence your website should “dress to impress”.

First, know in mind what you want to communicate to your potential customers with the website images that you use. Is it elegance? Is it chicness or trends? Whatever it may be, make sure the images you use create a long lasting impression at a glance.

Here’s a checklist for selecting website photos for your fashion business

  • High Quality and crystal clear photos are a win win. Make sure you use a camera that produces high resolution images.
  • Use contrasting backgrounds for your models/products e.g. make sure the background in the photos does not hide the details/contents of your products, if the dress you are showcasing is dark blue don’t use a dark background pick a lighter color, preferably white.
  • Take close-ups because details are usually a matter of concern. You don’t want your customers to miss those shiny little beads/pearls or the ruffles around the hands, do you?

Let photos work with the overall website design

Unless, you are starting from scratch choose colors that complement the site’s overall design. Mind the authenticity of the photos you give you web designer, in other words, make sure you have the ownership rights or license to use photos. Speak to your web designer about the right size, the right format and consistency of photos. This will help improve the performance of the website. If you can afford, invest in a professional photographer.

One last thing,

Fashion is all about trends. Update the website photos for your fashion business to ensure that visitors are able to see the new designs you have made and the latest trends.

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